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8 x 8 Soft Premium Soft Cover

WE THE PEOPLE...resolve that the constitution needs a rewrite from Apartheid to BLACK Pride! Slavery, in its most commonly known form, came to an end, but Black People have never been truly FREE.

From Apartheid to Black Pride, teach terms of black history and gain a foundational understanding of the many flawed systems that are in place to protect liberty, freedom and justice for not all, but just a select few. 

This books shatters the document known as the constitution and explores terms like Apartheid, Black codes and Jim Crow Laws and their intentional placement and purpose to limit daily black freedoms and legalize slavery by another name. 

Age appropriate for age 4+. Books will ship beginning Monday, June 22nd.


More perfect union?! 

We the People...of the United States, in recognition of our never perfect, and forever flawed Union, seek Justice, domestic Tranquility, and human and civil rights for all. Period.