Black Girls LOVE Earth Day

A Warm Welcome to Black Girls LOVE Earth Day! 

Black Girls LOVE Earth Day is a celebration of the unique connection between Black girls and our beautiful planet Earth. This event is proudly centered on the identities, experiences, and contributions of Black girls to environmental justice and literacy. We believe in the significance of identity-centered spaces in empowering individuals and highlighting their roles in making a positive impact on the world.

We also recognize the importance of solidarity and learning in community efforts to protect and cherish our Earth. Therefore, while our event is rooted in celebrating Black girlhood, we extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone who supports this mission. Whether you identify as a Black girl, are guiding a Black girl on her journey, count yourself among the friends of, are an ally to, or are an accomplice in uplifting Black girls, this space welcomes you.

This day is an opportunity for all attendees to learn about the achievements, dreams, and environmental actions of Black girls. It's a chance to recognize and celebrate their essential contributions to a healthier planet and to foster a community that values, supports, and amplifies these voices.

Join us in creating an inclusive, informative, and joyful experience at Black Girls LOVE Earth Day. Come ready to explore, appreciate, and engage in the incredible ways Black girls love, protect, and advocate for our Earth. Let's unite in this celebration, fostering a more inclusive and environmentally conscious future for everyone.

Sponsored by Papaya Baby, Candy Colors, Love My Natural LLC Brands

Unlock the Power of Responsible Hair Care: Black Girls LOVE Earth Day!

Join us for a revolutionary event that celebrates the intersection of beauty, sustainability, and justice. At Black Girls LOVE Earth Day- we're championing a movement; a movement to talking about hair care and feeling good, inside and out.

In the world of hair products, every choice matters. But here, we're not just about the shine – we're about the shine with a conscience. Dive into a world where hair care isn't just about style; it's about making a statement. 

Environmental justice considerations in hair product selection involve examining how the production, distribution, and use of these products impact communities, particularly those disproportionately affected by environmental pollution and hazards. Many traditional hair care products contain chemicals that can pose health risks, especially to communities of color who may be more susceptible to certain health conditions due to environmental exposures.

At our event, you'll discover the power of making informed choices. From ethically sourced ingredients to fair labor practices, we're paving the way for a beauty industry that doesn't just care about profits – it cares about people.

Furthermore, supporting hair care brands owned and operated by people from diverse backgrounds, including Black and minority entrepreneurs, can contribute to economic empowerment and equity within the industry.

Join us at Black Girls LOVE Earth Day and unleash your potential to make a difference.

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Accessibility Accommodations: We strive to make our events accessible to all participants. If you require accommodations to fully participate, please contact us at by 4/20/24.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone can join in the celebration of Black Girls LOVE Earth Day!

Event Sponsorship Disclaimer:

We are thrilled to announce that this event is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors: Papaya Baby, Candy Colors, and Love My Natural LLC. Their trailblazing commitment has allowed us to offer this event free of charge to all attendees.

At Black Girls LOVE Earth Day we believe in creating inclusive and equitable experiences for children of all backgrounds. To continue offering free and accessible events like this in the future, we are always actively seeking additional sponsors to join us in our mission.

If you or your organization are interested in supporting our efforts to make our events free and accessible to all, we invite you to become a sponsor. Your contribution will help us provide resources, activities, and experiences that empower and enrich children to love their natural, inside and out!

For sponsorship inquiries or to learn more about how you can support our mission, please contact us at or

Thank you to our current sponsors and to all who support our vision of creating a welcoming and accessible space for children to learn, grow, and thrive.

Black Girls LOVE Earth Day Organizing Team