Papaya Baby Casting Call!


Celebrate Self-Love and Natural Curls

Papaya Baby is on a mission to build self-love and appreciation for natural hair in our families. This campaign is about finding some fresh faces and new #curlfriends for our brand and encouraging our little ones to embrace and love their natural curls.

We're inviting parents who are passionate about nurturing positive self-image in their children and who enjoy creating user-generated content (UGC) to show off their journey! 

Join the Papaya Baby Curl Love Party:

1. Submit  a photo of your child's curls, capturing the beauty and uniqueness of their natural hair. 
2. Along with your photo, tell us which Papaya Baby products you're most excited about trying. We're eager to know!
3. By entering, you'll have the chance to receive free and discounted hair products, prizes, and exclusive coupon codes tailored for your family's needs.

Photo Submission Link:

Additional Submission Instructions:

For an extra chance to shine in the Papaya Baby Casting Call, we invite you to take your participation further! Share the photo submission of your child's beautiful curls on your social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook. Make sure to use our campaign hashtags and tag us to not only spread the joy of natural curls but also to gather additional votes from your friends and family.

Here's What to Do:

  1. Post the Photo: Share your child's photo submission on Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Use Hashtags: Include #PapayaBabyCurlLove #NaturalCurls #SelfLoveCampaign #PapayaBabyCastingCall in your post to connect with our community and increase visibility.
  3. Tag Us: Don’t forget to tag @papayababynaturals in your post. This helps us track your submission and counts as your additional entry.
  4. Encourage Engagement: Ask your friends and family to reshare, repost, and tag @papayababynaturals in their comments to support your entry with extra votes.

Suggested Caption for Social Media Share:

Join us in celebrating the beauty of natural curls with #PapayaBabyCurlLove! We’ve entered the Papaya Baby Casting Call to share our love for natural hair and self-appreciation. If you love these radiant curls as much as we do, help us spread the joy! Reshare, repost, and don’t forget to tag @papayababynaturals in your comments for extra votes. Together, let's make every curl count! #NaturalCurls #SelfLoveCampaign #PapayaBabyCastingCall 

What We Offer:
- A chance to become part of a community that values self-love and the beauty of natural hair.
- Opportunities to win free Papaya Baby products, enjoy exclusive discounts, and get featured in our campaigns.
- Open to children aged 6 months to 12 years who embody the joy of their natural hair.

Embrace & Share:
- Participation requires no purchase.
- This initiative is independent and not endorsed by any social media platform.
- We welcome submissions until the end of April 2024, with winners announced in May.

In our Papaya Baby world, loving your natural hair is more than a statement—it's a way of life. This campaign aims to spread that love, one curl at a time. By participating, you're not just entering a contest; you're joining a movement dedicated to celebrating natural beauty and self-love from the earliest years.

Let's create a wave of positive vibes and genuine smiles. Share your story, join our campaign, and let's together inspire a future where every child grows up loving their natural hair.

#PapayaBabyCurlLove #NaturalCurls #SelfLoveCampaign #PapayaBabyCastingCall

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